Art Department hosts first Pop Up Art Show

Senior Jackson Czajka shows seniors Julia Picchietti and Mary Cait Rill how to do block printmakings, which is when ink is rolled onto a wooden block, carved with a design and pressed onto a sheet of paper.

On Friday, Dec. 1, Libertyville High School hosted its first-ever Pop Up Art Show, offering students in semester-one art classes the opportunity to showcase some of their best pieces to peers and faculty during periods three through seven.

The event was held in the school’s main gymnasium with numerous tables and displays, and participating activities including henna tattoos, face paint, prints and more. Each corner of the gym had different setups to showcase student work, along with some students who were selling their pieces.

Each student who was selected as best from their class had the ability to sell their work. The students decided the prices and also kept the money that they had earned. Some items that sold included prints, jewelry and ceramics.

Many students circulated through the maze of displays in awe of others’ work.

“It’s so cool that we can actually do it this time of year, because last year I know that we couldn’t have it, so this is the first time ever!” said sophomore Cat Corliss, who is currently taking Introduction to Painting. “It is so great to see people actually coming and participating, having a good time and admiring what we’ve been doing all semester.”

One fan-favorite event was watching varying levels of art students partake in “life drawing.” Life drawing is when a model poses for numerous artists and then the artists individually depict the model in their own style. Typically, the models are positioned in various postures and shapes so that artists are creatively challenged.

Around 250 pieces were displayed, all from different courses in the LHS Art Department. Those who had their pieces showcased were selected from their classes and got to walk around during their art class showing spectators their creations.

Among the individual participants, the art classes included in the show were varying levels of 2D classes, 3D classes, photography classes, and AP Portfolio classes.

Not only did the art students showcase their projects in the festival, but many of them sported shirts that read, “Varsity Art.” The shirts were designed by senior Jackson Czajka in an effort to showcase the event.

Much like when individual sports have big events and athletes give a teacher of their choice his or her jersey to wear, the art students were also able to do this to promote the festival and encourage students to come and admire their work.