Powder Puff recap

On the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 4, LHS hosted its annual powder puff game. Powder puff is a traditional game of flag football played the week leading up to Homecoming by the girls of the senior class. The girls form teams of 11-15 people, who are then divided into either orange or black jerseys.

Points are accumulated between all of the teams of their respective colors. Teams are also allowed three coaches, who are responsible for attending practices and guiding their team by teaching strategies and game tactics. Along with the coaches, three senior boys are allowed onto the sidelines at the team cheerleaders, who are responsible for hyping everyone up.

Each team was given eight minutes of playing time on the field, while game announcer, Mr. Kevin O’Neill, narrated the entire game in a lighthearted manner to keep the spirits of players and spectators high. In the end, the orange team took the win over black, though everyone left the stadium with a smile on their face.