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Jenna Grayson

Emily Moubayed

Despite having gone to LHS for almost all four years of high school, Emily Moubayed lived in Canada prior to moving to Libertyville. This spawned her desire to return to Canada for college.

Moubayed will attend McGill University in Montreal next year. All of the schools she applied to were in Canada; these schools are all located in Toronto, Montreal or somewhere in between those two cities, “so they were pretty close by relative to Chicago,” Moubayed said.

Moubayed has assumed that she would return to Canada for college: “I hadn’t really thought about going to school in the U.S. since I moved here.” She officially made the decision to go back to Canada halfway through her junior year.

Even though she will be moving to a new country, Moubayed does not think her transition to living in Montreal will be too difficult: “I think the fact that I can speak French will definitely help me because there is that language barrier for other international students.”

“The first couple months I’ll miss home,” Moubayed stated as to what will be difficult about moving to Canada.

As far as post college, Moubayed is not sure where she will end up living; her decision will depend on where she is able to get a job. Moubayed explained that she’ll “definitely be able work either in the U.S. or Canada because I have dual citizenship.”

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