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Paige Ward

Señora Feeney

Paige Ward
“The transition [from Mexico to America] was a little difficult for me, simply because you don’t know the system and you don’t know the culture. There is definitely a language barrier, but I think it is more about not knowing the system. If you have someone who is helping you navigate the system, it is a lot easier to get from point A to point B. For me, I had to ask a lot about the educational system and figure out how to go to college and how to transfer my credits from Mexico, so it was a lot of investigation and asking…It wasn’t only the content that I had to learn, but it was also the language. So, it was learning English, while I was learning new content and the whole culture, so that was difficult. Another difficult thing is being away from my family. I mean I have my husband here and my kids, but definitely being away from my sisters, my mom, and my dad — that’s been hard.”

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