Drops of Ink

Why Journalism Matters

Moira Duffy, News Editor

March 12, 2020

Journalism’s purpose, although multi-faceted and complex in today’s modern era, is to secure freedom in the form of knowledge and information. It is society’s defense against single-mindedness. Take the fictional country of Oceania (inten...

Philanthropists Aren’t As Generous As You Think

Rayna Wuh, Staff Member

March 5, 2020

Living in Libertyville, it is easy to forget that we live in a world of haves and have-nots. At times, I too am guilty of failing to recognize the true magnitude of the economic disparity that exists within the United States. Ac...

Diverse music is the food of life: Play on

Cali Lichter, Staff Member

February 25, 2020

Unlike other kids my age, instead of listening to rap or the tunes that’ll come on the radio when I listen to KISS FM, I favor Bob Dylan or Wilderado.  But I’ll also sprinkle in a healthy dose of Fall Out Boy or 5 Seconds of Summer. My si...

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