Drops of Ink

Choirs host annual senior citizen dinner

Ella Marsden, Editor-in-Chief

December 13, 2019

The Libertyville High School choir put on their annual Holiday Music Fest on Tuesday, Dec. 10, and Wednesday, Dec. 11. Tuesday’s concert was preceded by a dinner for senior citizens who then watched the choir’s perform...

The Final Cut-Se7en

Andrew Benoit, Opinion Editor

December 11, 2019

https://soundcloud.com/andrew-benoit-303117704/the-final-cut-se7en This film is rated R for grisly afterviews of horrific and bizarre killings, and for strong language Welcome to The Final Cut, Drops of Ink's movie podcast! Your h...

Top 9 of 2019: Which was the best album?

Lilly Williams, Staff Member

December 2, 2019

2019 was a particularly big year for me musically. This was for no other reason than nearly all of my favorite artists came out with incredible albums. From  hip-hip to indie to pop to alternative, my expectations were blown away...

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