Power Outage Shocks School


Ava Polzin

Storm clouds over the football game against Palatine

Alex Zoellick, Editor-in-Chief

Last Friday, August 30, a massive thunderstorm rolled through Libertyville wreaking havoc on the town and the school: LHS lost its power over the weekend.

According to assistant principal Eric Maroscher and athletic director Briant Kelly, the entire school lost power for 15-18 hours between Friday night and Saturday afternoon. This was enough time for events like girls swimming practice, girls volleyball practice and the kick-off dance to be cancelled. Right now there are no plans to reschedule the dance.

A tennis match, two lower level soccer games and the sophomore football game will be rescheduled to a later date.

Since the varsity football and soccer games were both played outside, on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, both games were exceptions to the cancellations. Football, however, was delayed for about an hour due to the storm and lightning sightings.