What Are You Thankful For?


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Students have many things to be thankful for such as friends, family, a good community, etc.

Manal Ahmed, Entertainment Editor

As Thanksgiving approaches and the holiday season commences, many people start to think about what they are thankful for. Today, it can be incredibly easy to overlook the small things that us students at LHS are privileged with and focus on the materialistic aspects of life. Whether the lunchroom cookies, the sports that you play, or your family, all students have something to be thankful for.

A Google survey was sent out to every student’s email account at LHS on Nov. 2. The survey asked students to name the top five things that they are most thankful for (in no particular order). After 191 responses, here were some of the answers that appeared most frequently in students’ responses and why us students should be thankful for these little things.

  • Family

About half of the responses collected from this survey mentioned family. Although your little brother may drive you crazy, and your older sister may watch over you like another mom, family is something that we should all be continuously thankful for. Our parents, siblings, and cousins are some of the only people that have been with us since day one and have  made countless memories with us. They have raised us and made us who we are today. Your older siblings have been there to give you advice, your younger siblings brought out your juvenile side, and your parents have provided for you since you were a baby.

  • Friends

Approximately 36% said that they are thankful for their friends. Your true friends are something to always be thankful for because they’ll be there to motivate and support you, while also being there to make you smile through any situation. They are people that you can trust with your deepest and darkest secrets and will give you endless amounts of happiness and love. Although certain friends may come and go, we will always have those close friends who offer unlimited support and joy.

  • Libertyville

A good number of responses also mentioned that they were thankful for their community, school, Libertyville, and things along those lines. Not many students that go to other schools have the opportunities that LHS students have. We are lucky enough to have awesome teachers and administration, numerous clubs, a variety of sports to choose from, and so much more. A lot of students tend to overlook the privileges that they have living in Libertyville simply because we may be used to it. However, us students at LHS are truly lucky to attend such a privileged school and be a part of an extremely loving community.


There were also various responses that were less broad and dealt with some of the little, simpler things in students’ lives:

  • Lunchroom Cookies

The well-known lunchroom cookies were seen on the survey responses numerous times. Whether the plain chocolate chip, M&M, white chocolate chip, or double chocolate, the cookies at LHS are certain to brighten up your mood midday. All of the cooks at LHS work hard to provide us with these cookies and all of students’ other favorite foods, such as the fries and chicken tenders. Next time you scan your ID and purchase that cookie, or anything, make sure to tell the cafeteria worker thank you!

  • Netflix

After a long day of homework, tests, and extracurriculars, the best way to unwind and relax is to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. About 50 of the student responses stated that they were thankful for Netflix, which did not come as a surprise. Netflix seems to always be there–whether you had a bad day, are staying home sick from school, or if you’re stuck home over spring break.

  • Late Starts

There is nothing better than going to bed on Tuesday night knowing that you will be able to wake up an hour later than normal the next day. The shortened class periods and the ability to sleep in is what makes Wednesday the best day of the week at LHS. Days that students have testing on Wednesday morning at 7:30 or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which is not a late start, make students realize how lucky they are to have that extra hour and a half of sleep once a week.