Last First Day for Class of 2015


Courtesy of Mary Todoric

Dr. Scott accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in front of the Class of 2015 on the first day of school.

Alex Zoellick, Editor-in-Chief

2014 marked the first year that Libertyville seniors were forbidden from partaking in a water balloon fight, something that has become a growing tradition in the years past; however, that didn’t stop the Class of 2015 from doing its own thing on the first day of school.
Armed with water balloons, silly string and body paint, many of this year’s seniors met at Dymond Field, where the LHS soccer team practices, to have a water balloon fight. Though there were police, no problems arose. Police were at the field to ensure nothing got out of hand. Because all water-related activities were aimed at the senior class only, they did not get involved.

Because there were no underclassmen targeted, the administration did not have any problems with the water balloons: “The water balloon fight was fine,” said LHS Principal Dr. Marina Scott. “It was not in the midst of morning traffic so it was not dangerous and more importantly, students other than those willingly participated were not targeted.”
The traditional water balloon festivities were banned for safety concerns. Administrators feared students getting hurt in the parking lot and parents feared for their freshmen children. A letter was sent to the senior class parents encouraging the class to take part in new traditions.
“In keeping with the spirit and commitment of the Libertyville High School community, we will showcase senior spirit on opening day by taking a special senior panoramic photo at that time,” wrote Dr. Scott in the letter to the parents. “We are excited to help our students create new traditions.”
Not all the seniors, whose dress code revolved around tie-dye, partook in the opening day water balloon fight as many students elected for the safer, school-sanctioned activity. The administration set up a panoramic picture and breakfast at the football field beginning at 8:00 a.m. The students who arrived on time to the school will receive Homecoming tickets free of charge.

“There were about 25 students who arrived at 8am for the panoramic photo,” said Student Activities director Mrs. Jennifer Uliks. “My thought was to recognize those students who perhaps made a decision that was difficult to make when their peers are deciding to do other things.  The decision was spur of the moment, and there was not a plan in place in advance to do that–I felt compelled to communicate to those students…’hey — not an easy thing to do, so kudos to you’  The students were truly appreciative and surprised by the gift!”

While the student who got the free tickets were ecstatic, those who were left out of the group are understandably upset.
“It really upsets me,” said Alli Brucato. “We followed all of the rules that the school gave us and nothing got out of hand so we shouldn’t feel like the bad guys in this situation. If we had been getting out of hand or breaking rules, the deans would have stepped in, but hearing that other kids were rewarded for not going makes it seem like the rest of us did something wrong.”
Once the water balloon fight ended, most of the seniors made their way to the field for the panoramic picture. As the picture ended, most of the antsy crowd, angered from spending extra time in the sweltering sun, began pouring out of the bleachers. Dr. Scott then took the mic and the crowd chaotically erupted as Ryan Jackson and Jake Mansfield dumped two buckets of ice cold water over the principal’s head in her effort to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: a sweet victory for the senior class which was still bitter about the way it was treated by the high school over the summer.
“It felt nice doing it especially because we were the first grade not being able to do the water balloon fight like years past,” said Mansfield. “It was kind of some revenge we got on her as a class because they were all right behind me.”