Drops of Ink

Those who participated in the Day of Silence had different motivations and groups they were silent for, such as the LGBTQ+ community, women, victims of abuse, refugees and more.

My Silent Opinion

May 6, 2019

LHS athletes wouldn't be the same without its female athletes. These female spring sport athletes are a few of many strong, passionate, motivated and ambitious athletes here at LHS in Maggie Evers' eyes.

Play like a Girl

April 18, 2019

Carbon emissions are proven to be one of the leading causes of climate change; they are part of the reason why sea levels have risen over Nuatambu Island.

If a tree falls

March 7, 2019

The Un-united States of America

Ben Mayo, Staff Member

February 8, 2019

On Sept. 17, 1796, the United States’s first president gave his farewell speech. George Washington was greatly revered by the American public then and is still respected by many today as one of the country’s most honest and...

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