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Global riots and protests shake world governments

Protester stands at the top of a military statue waving the Mapuche flag, an indeginous group known for their resistance, in Santiago, Chile.

Andrew Benoit, Opinion Editor

November 7, 2019

In recent weeks, the world has seen an unusually large number of oppositional movements, many of which have escalated into riots and violence. Although the reasons and methods are different, the movements seem to be connected to a growing global trend in anti-government sentiment. These people seem to...

New ACT changes spark questions of testing equity

New ACT changes spark questions of testing equity

Pavan Acharya, Staff Member

November 4, 2019

In early October, the ACT announced its intent to implement significant changes to its testing: Starting in the fall of 2020, students will be allowed to retake individual sections of the ACT rather than having to redo the whole exam, and have the option of taking the test online at certain test cen...

Marching band raises $3,400 for Waukegan marching band

The LHS section cup is awarded to the band section that won the change drive during their summer band camp.

Molly Boufford, Online Editor

October 27, 2019

During the last week of July, the LHS band fundraised $3,400 through their annual change drive to donate to the Waukegan High School marching band.  The annual change drive occurred during the week-long summer camp that band attends every year. Each day during the drive, the students bring in a differe...

Local Medical Plants Emitting Toxic Chemicals in Lake County

Lawsuits have been filed against Medline for their use of toxic chemicals that can lead to cancer, but there are no federal regulations for the toxic chemicals in use.

Anika Raina, Staff Member

October 24, 2019

It was recently announced that Medline Industries and Vantage Specialty Chemicals have been polluting the air with a toxic gas, ethylene oxide, in Lake County for several decades, according to the Lake County Health Department. Both medical companies use ethylene oxide (EtO) to sterilize their medical ...

LHS close to bringing therapy dog to the school

In the VHHS main entrance lobby, therapy dog Basil can be seen helping relieve students’ stress throughout the semester. Basil can provide a sense of comfort, especially during stressful periods for students.

Moira Duffy, News Editor

October 14, 2019

The LHS administration is making plans with social workers to have a long-term therapy dog in the A-F LST in order to provide students an outlet to de-stress whenever they need. LHS was inspired to begin the process of finding, training, and eventually integrating a therapy dog into the school aft...

Red Door Recording Studio to Be Opened in Studio Theater

Cali Lichter, Staff Member

October 13, 2019

LHS is opening up a new, state-of-the-art recording studio called Red Door Recording Studio that has the ability to be integrated into a wide range of classes, clubs and groups, giving students access to professional-level equipment not previously available. An exact opening date is not yet known, but it i...

DARING initiative takes center stage at September school board meeting

LHS Principal Tom Koulentes presents the next steps for the D128 DARING mission to the Board of Education during its September meeting.

Andrew Benoit, Opinion Editor

October 2, 2019

At the school board meeting on Monday, Sept. 23, District 128’s DARING mission was the main topic of discussion.  D128 has created a DARING committee with a mission to “connect teaching and learning to DARING,” according to the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Ri...

Illinois Implements New LGBTQ History Law

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, LHS senior Albert Sterner is happy about this new law getting passed.

Sayre DeBruler, Staff Member

September 26, 2019

At the beginning of August, the Illinois Congress passed a statewide law stating that, at the start of next school year, schools must implement LGBTQ history into their curriculum.  According to this recent legislation, the Inclusive Curriculum Law, students must be well-informed of LGBTQ people who hav...

Bring Your Child to Work Day Every Day

Bring Your Child to Work Day Every Day

Sara Bogan, Staff Member

September 26, 2019

Picture this: You’re walking through the hallways of LHS when your mom suddenly comes around the corner. For some students, they don’t need to imagine this scenario -- it happens all the time! Some of these LHS students and parents recently opened up on what it’s really like to have your mom...

LHS implements changes for new school year

Over the summer, decor was added to the outside of the main entrance. Part of the design recognized last year’s blue ribbon award.

Rayna Wuh, Staff Member

September 26, 2019

With the 2019-20 school year in full swing, several changes have been implemented all around LHS, including those relating to Parchment, AP Classroom, the athletic department’s core values and school security policies. Seniors will be the first to experience change in the form of Parchment, a col...

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