Thanksgiving Crossword: Test your Thanksgiving knowledge!


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2. An object in the shape of a goat’s horn, often overflowing with flowers and fruit
5. Another name for the season fall
6. This is the average weight, in pounds, of a turkey that is bought for Thanksgiving
9. The number of days the first Thanksgiving celebration lasted
11. The Native people showed the Pilgrims how to grow this vegetable
12. Unlike traditional potatoes, these are orange and often served at a Thanksgiving dinner
13. The place where Pilgrims settled in Massachusetts after sailing on the Mayflower
1. The original Pilgrims used this method of transportation to embark on their journey
2. A gelatinous side that is served with turkey on Thanksgiving: ____ sauce
3. Every year as fall passes, this specific detail changes about the leaves on trees
4. The last name of the U.S. president who signed the Holidays Act into law, making Thanksgiving a federal holiday
7. This table utensil was not used at the original Thanksgiving feast
8. A festive drink for the holidays, made with beaten eggs, cream and seasonings
10. This Native nation helped the Pilgrims learn about many things upon their arrival such as crops, climate and land