Seniors’ Memories and Advice

This year the Drops of Ink seniors were asked to answer a few questions about their time at LHS. They shared their favorite memories and their best advice! Illustrations done by Cali Lichter.

Speak up! Don’t be afraid to get out there or let loose during school. For me, it made me happier overall and look forward to school more when I branched out and got to know new people in my classes.
– Charlotte Pulte


Embrace every opportunity to do the things that you enjoy! LHS offers such a variety of super niche classes, and you are encouraged to find your true interests. Take advantage of that in any way you can.
– Rayna Wuh


“Focus on your interests and hobbies, not just school. Grades aren’t everything. Life is everything.”
– Ian Cox


Do whatever you enjoy. Don’t take a class/do a sport/ etc. just because your friends are. You won’t enjoy it because your friends do.
– Sayre Debruler


I have loved every second of these last four years. I know [seniors’] time got cut short but this senior class has been so spirited and involved. It has made my time here so memorable, don’t take anything for granted because you never know when i is going to end!
– Sarah Bennett


[Most memorable moment at LHS] for me, it was definitely going on the choir trip. It’s just something about singing in caves, in churches, on top of hills, and in St. Mark’s Square that reignites the fire of music inside of you.
– Cali Lichter


They show that it’s okay to not be in all honors and AP classes and to encourage kids to not be self conscious about their test scores and grades.
– Maguire Marth


The countless afternoons I spent sitting in Hansa with my friends, working on homework, talking about the most random things and sipping expensive (sorry Hansa) iced lattes. It sounds so simple, but those are memories I’ll cherish forever.
– Mara Gregory


Really take the time to bond with teachers. They are people too and having friendships with teachers will make your high school experience so much better.
– Brooke Hutchins


Get involved and don’t panic if you don’t have everything figured out; it will all work out.
– Moira Duffy


Don’t wish away your four years!!! All the memories you make each year all add up to your high school experience so make the most of it and take a ton of pictures/videos!
– Molly Buffard


In the future, I hope LHS can continue having such high class spirit participation. There is no better feeling than when your whole grade is all cheering for the same thing!
– Claire Salemi


Going to Prom last year at the Shedd Aquarium with my friends
– Megan Lenzi