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Lily Petree

Freshman Lily Petree opens up about her life, family, and plans for the future.

Freshman Lily Petree opens up about her life, family, and plans for the future.

Freshman Lily Petree opens up about her life, family, and plans for the future.

Freshman Lily Petree opens up about her life, family, and plans for the future.

Lily Petree

Freshman Lily Petree is an identical twin with Chloe Petree. As Lily described, the two sisters get along well and rarely fight.

“Lily and I are basically just best friends. We talk all the time and we can’t not think of something to say to each other,” said Chloe.

Both sisters mentioned that people are constantly asking them about being twins, which can get annoying, they said.

“It’s fun [being a twin] because people know me. There’s also bad parts because sometimes they don’t know know my name or they ask us so many questions about it. Like in public everyone’s always like, ‘Oh my god, are you twins?’” said Lily.

The two used to share a room, but since last year, they each have their own rooms, which Chloe likes. “If [Lily] really likes [something], she’ll get really motivated to do it,” Chloe stated. Redoing their rooms was an example of Lily’s motivation, according to Chloe.

At the age of 7, Lily and her family moved from Minnesota to Libertyville, and they have lived here ever since. During one of the long weekends this September, her family went back to Minnesota to visit her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, who she sees once or twice a year. Lily explained how she doesn’t know those family members too well but is close with her mom’s extended family in Libertyville.

Lily emphasized that she loves to travel. She recently traveled to St. John in the Caribbean, and her favorite part about the trip was swimming and being with her family.

Lily and her friends are frequent movie watchers, whether it’s at the theaters or a movie night in. She further noted that out of all genres, her favorite is comedy. When not watching movies, Lily said that her friends like to just hang out and talk.

She plays the violin, as does Chloe, both outside and inside of school, where she is a String Orchestra member. She isn’t a part of any clubs at LHS yet but hopes to join some soon; Lily does plans to participate in Orchesis in the spring.

Before she came to LHS, she was hesitant about meeting new people while transitioning from Highland Middle School to LHS. “[Middle school to high school] hasn’t really been that much of an adjustment. [LHS is] just bigger and has more things to do,” explained Lily. So far, she’s enjoyed the football games and looks forward for the ones in the future.

She is fascinated by science, partly because her mom is a scientist. Lily is currently taking biology and her favorite parts are the lab experiments.

A short-term goal for herself is to get really good grades. In the future, she would like to go to college and potentially become a lawyer or a marine biologist. Lily loves animals but doesn’t have a pet. She’s always had a high interest in the oceans and its creatures. While she doesn’t know much about marine biology, what she does know intrigues her greatly.

Lily also wants to be less shy and step out of her comfort zone more in high school. Chloe said that she’s become more talkative, and their mom, Sharon Petree, agrees.

Lily has grown into a confident, independent young woman,” Mrs. Petree said over email. “I have always taught Lily to question everything. I have encouraged her to explore her own ideas and to determine what she has to say and how she feels about things. This has lead to incredible growth for her each year.”

Chloe described Lily’s best quality as her understanding and empathetic nature. “She gives great advice whenever you need anything. She’s just a really great teacher whether it’s for homework or just personal advice,” included Chloe. She also noted that Lily is really caring and funny.

“I’m really nice to everybody. I’m never mean. I’m an introvert, but with my friends, or sister or family, I can be an extrovert and super talkative,” Lily herself expressed. “I’m really honest. I never lie. Even with my family; I’ve never lied to them.”

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