Everyone has a story

For our first issue, we chose to highlight certain students, staff members, sports and clubs. Our focus is that “Everyone has a story,” a concept we truly believe. The following profiles feature five students, three LHS staff members, two sports and two clubs.

We selected these people and groups through a completely random process. To do this, we threw magnetic darts at a board of listed names. We took class time to throw darts and alternated which DOI staff members were throwing.

The odds of being selected were 0.26% for students, 1.20% for LHS staff, 18.18% for sports, and 2.86% for clubs.

Here are their stories.

Girls Tennis
Mr. Aubin
Mrs. Cote
Anna Hirons
Mrs. Ronne
Zoya Hasan
Karina Konshin
Lily Petree
Ally Hardy

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