Libertyville Softball Run-Ruled Buffalo Grove

Maggie Burnetti, Staff Writer

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  • Lyndsey Lyon runs in, towards all of her teammates, after her three run homer in the third inning.

  • Emily Hilldale readies for the pitch l from the opposing Buffalo Grove pitcher.

  • Athlete of the Week Samantha Hilldale reaches for the ball for the force out at second base.

  • Heraty throws to home plate for the out against Buffalo Grove.

  • Sophomore Athlete of the Week Maggie Evers readies for the ball at third base.

  • Lauren Heraty runs into home plate as her sister, Hannah Heraty watches while on deck.

  • Seniors Lyndsey Lyon (19) and Madeleine Hollinger ready for the ball as Hannah Heraty pitches.

  • After their 11-1 run ruled end to the game in the fifth inning, Libertyville lined up on the foul line to run, as they do every game, for errors made during the game. This game, they didn't have to run at all.

  • Hannah Heraty, the senior Division I commit to the University of Dayton, pitches.

  • Junior Sarah Hoyer watches after following through on her pop-up hit.

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