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Humans of Libertyville

Inspired by the popular blog Humans of New York, Humans of Libertyville, — also a blog on the DOI website — strives to give life to the everyday people seen in our halls, illuminating the untold story behind every face. Through these 24 stories, we hope to showcase the various cultures, talents and overall diversity of experiences at LHS.

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Annie Lancaster
Franny Quenan
Señora Feeney
Grant Herbek
Mrs. Andersen
Kevin Pilman
Nathan Rosenberg
Mr. Kevin O’Neill
Jake Slater
Alex Hecksher-Gomez
Mr. Jonathan Malats
Mikaila Corrigan
Sava Prodanovic
Areebah Waseem
Manit Kaushal
Diane Bauer
Linh Tran
Zoha Khan
Ima Wasemann
Kiley Nolan
Mary Grace Lothspeich
Blair Abington
Isabella Zalewski
Suraj Rajendran

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